You Are Too Strong To Stay Down
No one can confidently say that they have never had a moment when despaired. Even the greatest icons of our times have attested to being down for a while before they found their footing. Such is life, and it matters how you get back when it knocks you down.

While there are many lessons one can take from being down, maybe the best is knowing that there is power in lifting others.

The facts on access to clean water are grim. One in every 10 people (globally) do not have access to safe drinking water. That translates to about 844m people, according to Water Aid. Lack of this all-important resource results in several bad situations, among them disease and death among the most vulnerable: children.

Legacy Life Productions sought to do something about these sad statistics. The organization is in the forefront in providing water for those in need. Why water? Well, is there anything more important?

Why Lifting Others Lifts You

It Gives you Purpose
If you had all the wealth in the world and kept it all to yourself, you would still feel empty inside. Extending a hand to a needy person makes you fill a void. When you look at the faces of the people who receive your gifts with gratitude, when you see the impact that your gifts have in their lives, it makes your heart glad. After all, Leo Tolstoy said that the sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.

It Comes Back
The energy that you send into the universe comes back to you. If you send out positivity, you will reap that, and the same goes for negativity. Imagine the joy of those women in Africa that are saved a treacherous journey to fetch water by one organization’s philanthropy. That act of kindness is rewarded.

Philanthropy Advances Your Agenda
The more you give, the wider you cast your net. Your network enlarges, and you find yourself with more and more people willing to participate in your charity. Look at what you started, just like Spryte Loriano and her team at AwakeningGiants™.