Ways to Empower Young Adult Change makers

Who does not want a world where safe clean water is accessible for everyone, nobody goes hungry, and coal costs more than clean energy? A world where vaccinations are discovered for TB, AIDS, and malaria? Or, effective treatments created for Alzheimer’s and cancer? A world where it does not matter who you are or where you are from to gain access to quality educational opportunities?

By empowering young change makers, these and many more goals are within hands reach. Access to resources and knowledge that was not available only two decades ago, like online platforms and unlimited computer use, now are.

So how do we go about empowering these young change makers?

Encourage Young Adults to Map Their Heartbreak

By understanding heartbreak, young adults can discover their passion. Encourage them to share what distresses them or makes them mad. Tell them to speak it out loud, write it down, and/or draw it! Just be sure to share it.

Assist Young Adults in Discovering Their Voice

Encourage young change makers to communicate with a larger audience by discovering their voice. One way is by joining in or creating a hashtag focusing on conversing with others about some concerns we are faced with today.

Inspire Sharing with Social Media

Utilizing social media can be a powerful tool for the empowerment of young adults. Encourage them to write blogs, have a website, create YouTube channels to promote and share with others. Furthermore, teach them to distinguish between fact and fiction by researching skills available in this area.

Change begins with the younger generation. We do not want a world where our leaders stand still when difficult problems emerge. We want our leaders of this world to take action when needed! Empowering young adults now is vital to our future survival.