“It was an honor to do this short “Ted-like” talk and share with the community what is possible. We all deserve to live the life we desire. You know, it’s not always predictable…and that part was exciting to me. But this organization has made this experience so practical and so affordable, it would be silly not to take advantage of it.”

Bart Rademaker

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Plastic Surgeon and Founder of a state of the art Stem Cell Clinic in the Bahamas; Ecuador 2015 and New Zealand 2016 participant

When I look at how I used to limit myself…now, I’m just going for it! And I cannot wait to do this all again, in New Zealand!

Sandra Hanesworth

Founder of The A-List Connection, and expert MatchMaker, San Diego 2016 participant

There are many things that made this a powerful, behavior changing, life changing experience. First, the chance to deeply connect and create relationships with like-minded people who are willing to push themselves and lovingly push me. Second, the activities simulated day-to-day life challenges which gave me the opportunity to see how I operate in life. Through Spryte’s insightful debriefing, I was able to clearly see how I reacted and acted and how my behavior lands on others. Through that process I’ve been able to embrace my strengths and adjust what wasn’t working.  This new insight would not have been possible had I simply attended a conference or seminar. It was the exercises, activities and sharing them with a powerful group of committed individuals dedicated to their own excellence and to mine that made the experience one that can’t be beat. It was the best investment in myself I’ve ever made. I can say so many wonderful things about Spryte as a leader of these transformational experiences — #1 she is a cool, calm professional in the midst of challenges. The stress she might’ve felt never once landed on the participants. She managed through individual’s processes that with other facilitators may have caused friction between people and among the group. She flawlessly and effortlessly dealt with everything masterfully.

Trish Carr

Orlando, FL, CEO, WPN , www.womensprosperitynetwork.com (San Diego 2016 Participant)

I would travel the world with Spryte  anytime because she creates a safe space atmosphere to learn, grow, and be yourself. She has a gift of intuition, professionalism and discernment that has earned her distinction as top transformational leader. There’s only one thing left to do..Pack!!!

Sheila Robinson-Kiss

Msw, Lcsw (San Diego 2016 Participant)

We have, we do, and we will continue to travel far and wide with Spryte because she opens up not only the world but a world of possibilities. Where else can you get the joy of seeing new places, the excitement of playing with new challenges, the inspiration of engaging in new ideas, and the intellectual upliftment of participating with world-impacting players? Nowhere but with her.  We love the spiritual and holistic umbrella under which every program or project with Spryte takes place, and consider it a blessing to have connected with her and her work.  A lifetime keeper, she is.

Darrell W. Gurney & Alexandra Levin

Long Beach, CA, http://TheBackForty.com (San Diego 2016 Participants)

Spryte is simply a Goddess: I don’t know anyone else who can hold such an expansive vision—while simultaneously keeping her attention on the little details that make a trip into a transformational, life-changing experience.  Going on the trip with Spryte expanded me—and everyone in our group—on all levels, from the inside out.  As our group experienced the series of physical and mental challenges (ropes course, Mount Everest Summit simulation, doing our TED-like talks), we each experienced moments of discomfort at the edge of our old comfort zone.  As our “stuff” got triggered, Spryte held a sacred heart-space of compassion, in a non-judgmental, fiercely-loving, non-personal, bodhisattva-kind-of-way.  I noticed her tracking our individual progress, observing our group dynamics, attending to our needs, celebrating our wins, all while keeping us moving from one location or event to the next.   After the trip, I was not the same person I’d been.  Returning to my home and business,  I’m attracting new possibilities and partnership, and easily accomplishing goals that have been on my to-do list for over a decade!  If you want your life to change for the better, go on a trip with Spryte!

Melody LeBaron

Atlanta, www.transformingspace.com, San Diego 2016 Participant

I went to Liberia to bring water, love, healing and hope to a country whose people have experienced the most devastating of human disasters. It turns out I was the one transformed-in my business, my well being, my connection with the world and most of all-in my heart. I’m all in for another trip in 2017!

Leah Lund

Neuro Nutrition Therapist & Health Coach; Liberia 2014 participant

There was someone right beside me all the time saying, “If you fall, we will pick you up.” And it gave me the sense that I can do it because I’m not alone, which has been (until now) a big message in my life, that “I am alone.” And that has just been overcome for me on this trip. It’s completely transforming. And I loved the older women of the communities – they are just who they are – and that is so inspiring as I age. You know I have my wrinkles. And I now I can let the crinkle be in my eye and need nothing else.

Daneen Burke

Be Peace International, Costa Rica

Going on assignment in Africa was one of the things I most wanted to do in my life. And speaking internationally let me part of something so inspiration and empowerment driven. The chance to showcase yourself as a leader to create other leaders throughout the world is an amazing thing to be part of!

Nikki Incandella

Nikki Incandella Photography, La Jolla, CA

This trip was a rites of passage. There is something about being in Liberia. These people are post-war, they are staring over. They are phoenix rising from the flames! And to watch my clients get on stage in front of hundreds of educators here was one of the greatest joys of my life!

Sage Lavine

SageLavine.com , Santa Cruz, CA

I got to teach things I know and love – like yoga and rhythmic breathing. But the More Than Me Academy left such an amazing impression on me. Some of these girls were sex slaves and to see the courage in their eyes is breathtaking. You know you see stuff like this on TV, but until you are there and you see these kids…its mesmerizing. I can’t imagine my daughter going thru anything close to what they have gone thru, and yet here they are greeting us with love and open arms. It’s life changing.

Travis Richardson

Body Black Belt Summit, Iowa

My vision for my first trip to Africa was not this. I was worried about being the ugly American in someone else’s home and then over time I saw everyone dancing and dancing with everyone all the time, and the worries stated falling away. I thought about how much of my life have those worries gotten in my way and stopped me from having powerful impact and growth, how has that held me back in general and now I’m willing to go further than comfortable, and be more vulnerable than I want to be, and that has translated to probably being the most powerful experience of my life.

Wendy Sue

Costa, My Daily Shift, San Diego CA

When you trust in your life, and in your calling the universe really does opens up doors for you. I’ve noticed since I’ve been here in Liberia there is so much joy that comes out of me – I don’t know where it comes from but I just love it!

Angelica Gutierrez

Dare To Fly Coaching, London UK

It was amazing to see the look on their faces when as we showed them the difference between the water they were drinking and the water after it was filtered … it was like they were seeing magic! To be able to make a difference for a whole community like that was just amazing to me.

Sheri Nichols

Unleash Your Sparkle, Los Angeles, California

We came to transform lives, and to have our own lives transformed at same time. The connection to others was so sincere and so deep. And I spoke on stage (to hundreds of post war teachers) about my fear to find my own voice and to speak that voice. Life will never be the same again!

Meer Fennema


I decided to come to Ecuador because I wanted to have the experience of getting outside of myself – to see how far I could be pushed as far as my physical, emotional and spiritual self; and I believe that has been done. It was like being in a Disney movie. It brought up the child in me – scrunching in mud and climbing up the tower – and feeling that little bit of fear, and going anyway; and then getting to the top and seeing that panoramic view of, well everything! The amazon was a place I really connected with nature and could go into my dream world. It was great how we all connected and supported each other as we journeyed.

Esther Austin

Esther Austin Global, London UK