“My overall vision has been to travel the world sharing my message of “With-Out Walls” and sharing my inspiring music while bringing hands-on aid for those in need wherever we are.

I am so grateful and honored to be part of AwakeningGiants for the unique vision they stand for, aligned with mine: Showcasing what it means to be a changemaker for the world while giving individuals around the world an opportunity to transform at the highest level, while giving back, while creating further collaboration and being part of a revolutionary TV documentary series headed up by the finest. What an incredible opportunity!

I’m so moved to have been fortunate enough to have been featured as a Thought Leader for the first location shoot in San Diego, having invited eleven changemakers from my community to join me, and then, getting to return as a series regular to support AwakeingGiants from around the world to bring out their best selves on stage! The vision of AG will change the way the world gets inspired thru mass media, and is helping to uplift thousands of lives already. Soon it will do so for millions once this series is released to the masses. Can’t wait! The integrity, commitment, perseverance and leadership of Spryte Loriano and Robin Bersson and the core team at AG is inspiring in and of itself, which is important to me. I’m divinely proud to be part of this multi media brand and game-changing movement.”

Lynn Rose

Media Entreprenuer, High Performance Mentor CEO, The Power to Wow

We are inspired by the courage, compassion and commitment that this amazing group of people have to making a difference in the world and we’re proud to be a part of it!

Michelle Roza and Gladys Diaz

Founders, Hearts Desire, Intl.

Knowing that I can make a difference in the world after my experience in the SoCal location is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. Thank you! Overcoming my fear of speaking on stage has been so liberating and rewarding.

Donna Tornillo

Take Charge Coach and Mentor

The breakthrough for me was to be able to move thru with my life and business after a huge loss. The greatest gift is being part of something bigger than me that is bringing the best out of all of us! This has helped me recharge my energy but also validates my existence in being able to receive greatly from others.

Linda Fostek

CEO, The Crisis Planner

As the Hosting Thought Leader on the EC Journey, I was surrouned with love and all the things I normally do for others, everyone did for me. I’m forever grateful for being part of this community. The filmmakers are beautifully in total alignment with what we are doing in the world! 

Burge Smith-Lyons

Founder, CEO, Essence of Being

“It was an honor to do this short “Ted-like” talk and share with the community what is possible. We all deserve to live the life we desire. You know, it’s not always predictable…and that part was exciting to me. But this organization has made this experience so practical and so affordable, it would be silly not to take advantage of it.”

Bart Rademaker

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Plastic Surgeon and Founder of a state of the art Stem Cell Clinic in the Bahamas; Ecuador 2015 and New Zealand 2016 participant

This trip was a rites of passage. There is something about being in Liberia. These people are post-war, they are staring over. They are phoenix rising from the flames! And to watch my clients get on stage in front of hundreds of educators here was one of the greatest joys of my life!

Sage Lavine

SageLavine.com , Santa Cruz, CA

Going on assignment in Africa was one of the things I most wanted to do in my life. And speaking internationally let me part of something so inspiration and empowerment driven. The chance to showcase yourself as a leader to create other leaders throughout the world is an amazing thing to be part of!

Nikki Incandella

Nikki Incandella Photography, La Jolla, CA

I decided to come to Ecuador because I wanted to have the experience of getting outside of myself – to see how far I could be pushed as far as my physical, emotional and spiritual self; and I believe that has been done. It was like being in a Disney movie. It brought up the child in me – scrunching in mud and climbing up the tower – and feeling that little bit of fear, and going anyway; and then getting to the top and seeing that panoramic view of, well everything! The amazon was a place I really connected with nature and could go into my dream world. It was great how we all connected and supported each other as we journeyed.

Esther Austin

Esther Austin Global, London UK

We came to transform lives, and to have our own lives transformed at same time. The connection to others was so sincere and so deep. And I spoke on stage (to hundreds of post war teachers) about my fear to find my own voice and to speak that voice. Life will never be the same again!

Meer Fennema


I went to Liberia to bring water, love, healing and hope to a country whose people have experienced the most devastating of human disasters. It turns out I was the one transformed-in my business, my well being, my connection with the world and most of all-in my heart. I’m all in for another trip in 2017!

Leah Lund

Neuro Nutrition Therapist & Health Coach; Liberia 2014 participant

It was amazing to see the look on their faces when as we showed them the difference between the water they were drinking and the water after it was filtered … it was like they were seeing magic! To be able to make a difference for a whole community like that was just amazing to me.

Sheri Nichols

Unleash Your Sparkle, Los Angeles, California

My vision for my first trip to Africa was not this. I was worried about being the ugly American in someone else’s home and then over time I saw everyone dancing and dancing with everyone all the time, and the worries stated falling away. I thought about how much of my life have those worries gotten in my way and stopped me from having powerful impact and growth, how has that held me back in general and now I’m willing to go further than comfortable, and be more vulnerable than I want to be, and that has translated to probably being the most powerful experience of my life.

Wendy Sue

Costa, My Daily Shift, San Diego CA

I got to teach things I know and love – like yoga and rhythmic breathing. But the More Than Me Academy left such an amazing impression on me. Some of these girls were sex slaves and to see the courage in their eyes is breathtaking. You know you see stuff like this on TV, but until you are there and you see these kids…its mesmerizing. I can’t imagine my daughter going thru anything close to what they have gone thru, and yet here they are greeting us with love and open arms. It’s life changing.

Travis Richardson

Body Black Belt Summit, Iowa