Our Story

Legacy Life Productions came together because a team of conscious entrepreneurs said “Yes” to a singular vision to serve each other and our world through thru transformational travel.

LLP was founded by Spryte Loriano, who’s produced signature events for AwakeningGiants™ since 2008 around the globe, and pulls together an award-winning media production team.

Spryte shares, “Being able to partner with a production and marketing team with great experience and a track record of success to tell the social entreprenuer’s story and inspire hopefully millions of people to create transformational change for our world, is truly essential, and a dream come true. I remember sitting high up on branches of a tree in my front yard every day after school during 5th and 6th grade, spinning tales for movies while orchestrating international production teams.”

“A Legacy Life is about harnessing the power of our dreams, inspiring others to remember theirs, and to follow them! When our dreams support the greater good of Life, together we make a lasting difference.”



Our special sauce is signature breakthrough experiences that are thoughtfully woven into the journey using the natural and business environments of our locations, and even the indigenous peoples of a region. All designed with a compelling story-arc and transformational results on all levels – emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally – for both you and your business.

Our destinations are also vetted with pre-approved humanitarian relationships in place. Why is this important? For integrity of follow up reporting and sustainability so your participants can rely on us and that our contribution story is solid. These relationships have taken years and great resources to establish and maintain. Over the years, a team of on the ground humanitarians and organizations, and an incredible community of heart-based donors and activists, have partnered with LLP’s Founder to deliver clean water, food, education, women’s empowerment, micro-loans, and environmental sustainability training to now tens of thousands of recipients.

Our ability to tap into this rich and varied history supports powerful experiences and results-story-telling, a key component of any successful multi-media venture.

Our LLP Team is first committed to operating through inspiration and joy! Spryte shares: “One of my mentors, Jack Canfield, always said, ‘If it ain’t fun don’t do it!’ It’s actually taken me a lot of years to allow myself this way of being – what I felt was a luxury and idea only for those lucky souls. Sounds silly when I say it now. But I grew up with a very different idea of what would create success – struggle and hard work. I am grateful and blessed however t hat my own life experience of personal transformation has rewarded me with a deeper understanding of true success. Today I embody that I’m the only one creating my life experience, and therefore it’s up to me to make it worthy of me.”

Our LLP Team knows it our opportunity now to help inform the tides of change for our planet to one of positive, joyful expression.

We do this by producing life-inspiring events for social entrepreneurs. Events that not only support you in growing yourself and your business, but that contribute to an important shift in consciousness for our world and planet. It is in deepening our connection to the true power of our human nature and then the sharing of transformational stories from these events, that we can make a greater difference for all.

We hope that if you resonate with this message, you will find a way to join an empowered conscious tribe of AwakeningGiants™ on an upcoming adventure. We look forward to playing, serving, and growing with you.”

Our Purpose

To combine the power of Personal and Business Transformation with Travel-Adventure, Global Contribution, and Mass Media Marketing to spot-light and promote Social Entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurs are transforming our world through a lot of fun and positive impact!

Shining the light on You, as you transform the world.

We take AwakeningGiants™ on Adventure-Contribution experiences that quantum leap their personal and business potential while growing positive social impact.


Purpose Statement:

LegacyLife Productions and LegacyLifeTravel.com was developed to bring together an entire development and production team under one company, for the management and scaling of specialized transformational travel & media packages for individuals, networking organizations and corporations.

Legacy Life Productions, Inc. is the principal company founded in 2016 by Spryte Kathryn Loriano (previously named Spryte Loriano Global – SLG doing business since 2007) engaged in the business of design, development, management, execution and marketing of signature travel events.