Chicken Shit Foundation

Chicken Shit Foundation

Chicken Shit Foundation

“There’s a longing for us to embody our capacity to love and by meeting the pain, the fear, the vulnerability in the name of love it opens the door for us all.” Rafael Bejarano (RIP 1974 – 2015)

Why Chicken Shit?
Rafael Bejarano was – among other things – a shaman, trained by many indigenous traditions, especially the Huichol people of Mexico, an indigenous culture considered to be one of the last pre-Columbian cultures in the world. Part of the shamanistic culture is the use of a totem, a power animal, whose power guides and supports you on your life’s journey. For Rafael this totem was the chicken, or more specifically; a large squeaking rubber chicken called Chicken Shit, that he carried with him in his medicine bag.

All of us have a little chicken shit inside, which holds us back from our greatness.
A chicken shit that is afraid of being and living it’s fullest power – Your potential.

Rafael made this part of himself his power animal and he called it ‘his little chicken shit’. He spoke of it with loving care, the way you would a child or pet. He shared his vulnerability – his chicken shit – openly, and through his example we got to experience the strength and power that comes from embracing our own vulnerability… our own chicken shit. Everywhere he went Rafael carried a pouch full of miniature plastic chickens, with hearts drawn on their chests, personally blessed by him, every single one of them. He would give them away to people he met, calling them on their inner chicken shit and inviting them to embrace their fear, and subsequently their power. Over time, Rafael gave away thousands of them, creating a tribe of chicken shits willing to face theirs fears, step into their power and open their hearts. These chicken-shits were a laugh out loud reminder to us of the power of embracing our fears and our doubts, stepping into our power.

Who Was Rafael?
Rafael Bejarano’s passion was to share the gifts of his heart and inspire others to do the same.
He was a shaman, healer, musician, educator and a coach. He held a deep passion for indigenous tribes, their pure values and emphasis on the connection of all people. It was his desire that his own personal experiences could be a map to others, creating a bridge between those ancient cultures and our modern lives, reminding us all of the connection of our hearts.

In 2014 Rafael went to Liberia with 26 other Transformational Leaders to work with Spryte Loriano (who was living there at the time). This was during the Ebola outbreak where he brought his dedication to teach, to heal and help raise funds for an African orphanage. After a healing session with a tribal elder, the kids ran as fast as they could to the next village to let them know the healer was coming.

Rafael Bejarano was killed by Egyptian military on September 13th 2015 in what is being described as an accidental shooting, mistaking the lunching tourists on a spiritual mission for a camp of Islamist militants operating in the area. The error killed more tourists than any terrorist attack in recent years. Rafael died suddenly while dancing and celebrating life.

Chicken Shit Foundation was formed by some of his chicken shit tribe who traveled the globe with him in a transformational and humanitarian capacity, with the blessings and consent of his family to carry on his legacy of social impact and love.

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