Giving Back To Get More Out Of Life

Charity is a word that takes on dual meanings. You can donate time and money to a charity or even a person. The simplest way to be charitable is to give resources that you have to someone who does not.

But what about the other way of being charitable? In part, being charitable goes beyond resources. When a person practices living a charitable life, it is the act of judging others leniently or favorably. To treat people honestly and without disdain regardless of expecting them to return the same charity will open you to new perspectives that will help you to better serve your clients, your industry, and your peers.

Part of being human consists of being social. You cannot be a human all by yourself. You need interaction. That is what makes us human. In our world, human interaction defines what we are, human! How we react to what we see in our interactions and how we react to it, defines who you are-yourself!

Two easy ways to practice charity in your day are simple:

First, define your values and qualities that make a life good. These qualities can contain as many or as few characteristics as you want. Once you have your list, start practicing them daily. If you define a good life as a person who is honest-then be sure to incorporate honesty into your daily habits.

Second, look at individual people as a whole, or part of the human community. You cannot choose when to live a charitable life when it suits you and when it does not. That means a person who has wronged you must receive the same charity from you as someone who has not. Remember there is more than one definition of the word charity.

The practice of a charitable life is not to get immediate returns from individuals. In fact, most times people you are charitable towards will not treat you with the same respect. But what you will receive is a higher understanding of human interaction. By removing judgments and treating others with forgiveness you ultimately will be the one who is benefitting the most.

Since the quality of life is not a monetary goal in this sense, what you will be getting in return is a community of people who practice the same ideals as you. You may not notice it at first, but as you practice this for months and years, you will see that people will notice. The quality of your relationships will improve and you will come to be known as a charitable human.

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