You Can Live Your Best Life

You might be sitting at your desk at work, and reading this blog, and trying to figure out how did you get to the place you are in your life. At one point, you were an idealistic adventurer with plans to better the world, your community, or your neighborhood, but that is the opposite of what you are currently doing with your life. There is good news, however. As long as you are breathing you have the opportunity to live that adventurous life you have always dreamed of and improve the lives of the people in your immediate or far reaching community.


There are so many places to visit and cultures to learn about in the world. You have the opportunity to travel all over this world and do things you may have only seen on television or thing you thought you could or would never do. This could be riding down the Amazon River, studying ancient temples from around the world, or learning about the Aboriginal people of Australia. You can still have the adventurous life you want, and you can still be the responsible adult you have become.

Change the World One Person at a Time

Sometimes it takes a trip to an impoverished third-world country, or war-torn zone to provide aid to the people who you think need it most. If that is the change you want to make, then go for it, but you can make a difference and change a life right in your own back yard. Help tend to the neighborhood farm or start a neighborhood farm, feed the homeless, tutor a student, or mentor a child in your community. There are so many ways you can change a life for the better whether you take a trip around the world or a trip down the block.

For as long as you are on this Earth there will be a change for you to enjoy your life and change others for the best. The choice lies with you.